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Tanya (edited)
Tanya Fairchild

Tanya Fairchild is the main protaganist in The 13 Treasures and a secondary protaganist along with Fabian and Rowan (Red) in The 13 Curses and The 13 Secrets. She has the second sight and is often punished by her guardian, Gredin, when she gets involved in matters that he thinks she shouldn't be involved in. Her grandmother, Florence, also shares this gift. This is because they have had a Changeling in their family, Elizabeth Elvesden. The name for Tanya's character was taken from Michelle Harrison's niece, Tanya.

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Michelle Harrison's One Wish Trailer

Michelle Harrison's One Wish Trailer

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To do something you're afraid of, especially for the sake of somebody else, is the very definition of courage.

Michelle Harrison, from One Wish

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