The American cover of 13 Secrets, the third book in the 13 Treasures Trilogy.

The "13 Curses" is the 2nd book in the "13 Treasures" Trilogy. (Titles and picture shown to the right should say "13 Curses"

Summary Edit

Alert! This is what happens in the 2nd book, not the 3rd, because some lazy idiot couldn't make a wiki right.

After saving Tanya from being sent to the fairy realm, Red wakes up lost and stranded in a place totally new to her. She knows she's taken Tanya's place, and is now living among the magical creatures she's fought with as long as she can remember. Wondering why so few fairies inhabit the surrounding woodland, she falls into a trap and is captured by a witch. She does escape with the help of Warwick, only to set off on the perilous path to the Fairy Court to try and find her brother, who was taken as an infant, years ago. The fairies there let her seek to prove herself by the means of a quest. If she succeeds, her brother will be returned to her. The quest is that Red must recover all thirteen charms from Tanya's bracelet, which have been scattered throughout the human world and given magical properties based off of their original powers, but twisted and cruel. Returning to Elvesden Manor, Red asks the help of the people there. She's gonna need it.