13 Treasures Edit

Red is the alias of Rowan Fox who took the name due to being unknown and as using real names in the Fairy Realm is said to be dangerous. The name Rowan Fox was introduced in the first book being said that Roman Fox was a runaway and is said to be believed kidnaping children. Later Tanya finds Red in an underground passage who threatens to leave her down here until she discovers Tanya has the second-sight later Red explains about undoing the changeling trade with her contacts. Tanya makes a deal with red to give her supplies in return for information about the Fairy Realm. She is later seen after Morwenna Bloom finally takes Tanya to take her place in the fairy realm. Red comes to drag Tanya out of the woods until Tanya stops running she suddenly cuts Tanya‘s skin merging her blood with her own. Red takes Tanya’s place in the Fairy Realm.

13 Curses Edit

Red is seen in the fairy realm after falling into deceived into being pulled out by the Hedgewitch in disguise, thrown into the dungeon to be her new disguise. Her plan back fires after her magic poisons her for trying to harm Red little did Red know her real name Rowan warded fey magic protecting her. Red leaves Eldritch in the dungeon after finding out he was involved in taking her brother. Red makes it into the fairy courts and is given a task on finding her brother. She goes back to the Human world and with help from Tanya and Fabian she completes her task although she finds out her deceased parents are really her Aunt and Uncle and her known to be aunt is her mother. Her brother is her cousin and has no memory of her. James- her cousin happy with a fey family and she refuses to take him after revealing her real name she thwarts the unseelie leader and leaves with Stitch (Warwick) back to the human world.

13 Secrets Edit

Red or Rowan as she is known as now is rebuilding her life at Elvesden Manor but her contacts with the Cowan won’t leave her alone after Tanya and Fabian find out about this they help her. Red‘s alias is used mostly since the Cowan don’t know her real name.

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