Feathercap is a fairy who appears only in 13 Treasures. He is portrayed as the most druel and rigorous of the three fairies who come to visit Tanya at night.

13 Treasures Edit

Feathercap is one of the three fairies to visit Tanya from time to time during the nights -- either to check on her, or to "punish" her if she has done something wrong, like speaking to someone about her ability to see fairies or leaving any evidence of their existence (like writing in her diary). Feathercap is later revealed to be the guardian of Morwenna Bloom and helps in Tanya's capturing and the change that has to occur in order Morwenna to be free from the spell that binds her to Fairyland and leave Tanya in her place. Shortly after Tanya's capturing, he meets his end by being killed by Oberon.