In the second book, Tanya has a charm bracelet which has the Thirteen Treasures on it. Rowan (aka Red) tells her about the Seelie court and the Unseelie court. The courts gets designated seasons to rule the faery realm. Seelie court gets Spring and Summer, while the Unseelie court gets Winter and Autumn.

Tanya finds out that each of the charms symbols the thirteen treasures. Each of the Thirteen Treasures has unique properties to them.

Near the end of the second book, the drain dweller living in Tanya's bathroom takes fascination on the bracelet and tries to steal it. Tanya unknowingly tempts him by giving him the cauldron, and later gets in trouble with Gredin and Raven as they say the drain dweller is stupid.

In the last book Tanya is told that the Thirteen Treasures are also people in 'The Coven'. Rowan is the ring, Tino is the mask, Fix is the dagger, Nosebag is the platter, Peg is the book, Crooks is the key, Suki is the cup, Sparrow is the heart, Merchant is the cauldron, Victor is the sword, Samson is the mantle, Cobbler is the goblet, and Dawn is the light.


  1. The Cup of Divination                                                                                                                                                                   
  2. The Dagger which drips blood that heals
  3. The Key that opens any door
  4. The Mask for Glamour 
  5. The Mantle of strength 
  6. The Swordof victory
  7. The Heart for Bravery
  8. the halter a Ring of Invisibility 
  9. The Goblet of Eternal Life
  10. The Light- a candelabra which's light never diminishes.
  11. The Platter, where the owner will never go hungry
  12. The Book of Knowledge which will answer any question of the reader
  13. The Cauldron that will bring the dead to life

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