Agnes Fogg. Lived to be about 200 years from the present time. Occupation was being a midwife, friend to Elizabeth Elvesden.

=13 TreasuresEdit

Agnes Fogg is mentioned in the first story and is said to be Elizabeth Elvesden - the First Lady of Elvesden Manor”’s friend and is said to teach Elizabeth on herbs. Her occupation is described to be a midwife but after a child she delivered died talk of witchcraft sent Agnes into the forest while Elizabeth to a lunatic asylum where she hanged her self.

13 CursesEdit

Agnes Fogg is mentioned after the Hedgewitch dies. The Hedgewitch being who captured victims and disguised herself as them or used their body parts to sell and make deals. 4 of the victims are mentioned to be Red, Stitch, Eldritch and Snatcher (Deceased). After the Hedgewitch dies after trying to use Red as her disguise which backfired on her since Red’s real name Rowan protected her from fey magic. After Red and Stitch search around they find something belonging to someone named Agnes Fogg. Stitch mentions knowing an Agnes Fogg who lived around 200 years ago. Which draws the conclusion that the Hedgewitch is Agnes Fogg or was at some point.